Tickle Firmware Update

Check which firmware version you are running to see if you need a firmware update.

Currently you need a Linux host to update the firmware on the Tickle.

The firmware updater tool is available as a binary download. It is statically linked to lbudev and libusb, please report errors if you have conflicting versions.


Make sure libusb und libudev are available on your system.
Disconnect Tickle.
You have to run the tool as root.
first argument is the path to the firmware’s .cyacd file

$ sudo su root
(root)$ ./tickle-fwup path/to/firmwarebinary.cycd

Connect Tickle
Wait for line: finished with result 0 (that's good)
Your Tickle is now updated.
Exit root:

(root)$ exit

Firmware archive

Download the newest firmware from the firmware file archive:

tickle_firmware_0.62.cyacd (76.2 KB)

  • Audio gate is now switchable (feature)(#11)
  • MIDI CC switches are now Class Compliant. 0-63 is off, 64-127 is on (feature)(#13)
  • LED are now reactive permanently (bugfix)(#12)
  • Rotary encoder now send repeated 0 when turned beyond min and 127 when turned beyond max to allow for relative control (feature)(#14)

tickle_firmware_0.61.cyacd (73.3 KB)

  • You can now disable the DC-offset filtering and the built-in expander by sending a 0 control value on controller 100 and 102

tickle_firmware_0.60.cyacd (68.7 KB)

tickle_firmware_0.51.cyacd (68.7 KB)

tickle_firmware_0.50.cyacd (70.9 KB)

tickle_firmware_0.42.cyacd (71.6 KB)

tickle_firmware_0.30.cyacd (69.8 KB)

tickle_firmware_0.0.cyacd (39.8 KB)

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