Virus Warning (Windows Defender)

cool plugin! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately windows defender didn’t let me download the plugin until I disabled defender temporarily, so I wasted 3 of my 5 downloads already. I just wanted to ask if I can have 2 of them back now. I always run out of downloads a lot with limited-download-systems, because I sometimes reboot my entire computer to make it run fast again.

Hi Flo!
Regarding the Warning - we had the same annoyance with the snare plugin, but it went away without us changing anything. We suspect that if it gets installed by many users at some point the flag will be removed? Not sure how it works tbh.
Didn’t I sent you a copy by email last week? Sure, I can reset the count any time.

Oh really? Thanks :slight_smile: I always get so many spam mails, I sometimes don’t see the good ones. But I wanted to support you with this purchase anyway so it’s alright!

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Here is the previous Virus detection thread regarding the snare: Windows installer (not any more) detected as malware [solved] - #3 by Max

I’ve also uploaded the EXC!TE CYMBAL binary to virustotal: Results.

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