Suggested Enhancement: Variance/Randomness

You might want to try allowing the user to select a span for each setting rather than a single point in order to introduce a random aspect to each strike. I am not sure how the plugin is performing it’s function, but perhaps the incoming transient could trigger a resetting of the parameters randomly within each range. This might be useful for avoiding the “machine gun” effect found in re-triggering samples or for adding humanization.

Hi @rockum, thanks for the suggestion! For the exciter part this is already implemented. Use the variance knobs next to the parameters to set the randomness/humanization. What variance actually does is to add a bell-shaped probability distribution curve centered at the value set by the slider (or MIDI note velocity input in the case of velocity). The higher the variance is set, the wider the bell curve becomes.
It is visualized by the slider becoming a wiggly line. Give it a try!


Thanks for the quick good news reply!

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Oh, in case you are wondering: There are two reasons why this isn’t implemented for the resonator part:

  1. With a real drum, you can’t change the tuning and snare tension between every hit either.
  2. The resonator is the same for every hit, so if it would re-tune constantly this also effects the sound of the release from the previous hit, which sounds weird—we’ve tried that. :crazy_face: