Samples used in free version?

Hey there!
Great piece of software!
I wonder what the raw samples in the demo version sound like that are used to excite the resonator. do they have a long decay? How is the choke achieved? simply by changing the dampening value? Is the “bell” sound a more metallic sample?
Just to get a feel for how much variety I can get in the pro version by simply playing through a piezo on my desk.


The exciter sounds are very short impulses (1-10ms) of varying spectra. Yes choking affects the dampening of the model. The bell sound changes the resonance behavior of the resonator, not the exciter. That means you can achieve the bell or mallet sound with a piezo disc as an exciter as well. E.g. just by using a soft mallet while playing on a surface where the piezo is attached. Turing up the bell parameter would bring more bell type sounds regardless of the exciter, but it would be more noticeable on hard, bright hits.

The model was actually built to be played with piezo discs. It’s intuitive and very much does what you would expect from a real cymbal when you play it with different mallets or sticks.