Instant Crash in Samplitude X3 [solved]

Hey there,

I get this:

btw., it would be awesome if Exc!te could process an audio channel (instead of Midi Input) :wink:

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Hi BuzzAudrey, thanks for testing. We did not run the plugin in Samplitude yet. I’m going to try this with a Samplitude X6 trial. Can you try either Reaper, Ableton Live or Bitwig and confirm that it’s working there?

btw., it would be awesome if Exc!te could process an audio channel (instead of Midi Input)

That’s exactly that the PRO version is all about. Have you watched the video?

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Hi BuzzAudrey,

I have downloaded Samplitude X6 from Magix and I was able to replicate the issue.


After restarting Samplitude, it told me an update was available with fixes, so I applied the update. Now I am running Samplitude (DC2) - Unicode.


When I open the plugin from the FX section of a MIDI track it works, when opening it in the FX section of an audio track it crashes.
It cuts off the graphics weirdly on the right side should be about 20 pixels more space.

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Hi! It works in Reaper right away. Because of course it does*!

(*I actually plan on migrating to Reaper at one point, but I still do all my work in Samplitude. I stopped updating after X3 since some plug-ins which are crucial for my workflow don’t work at all in X4. And X5. Haven’t tested X6, but I’m really fed up with Magix.)

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It seems that you can even crash Samplitude with the Steinberg example plugins like AGain (not directly on loading though)

Part of the issue might be that the Samplitude installer is installing an ancient VCRuntime: from 2005! :astonished:

Good news! We released an update and Samplitude is no longer crashing. However, the audio sidechain for instruments is not supported by Samplitude, the VST3 support in Samplitude unfortunately is incomplete.