Improvements Discussion

We are thinking about a few improvements of the EXC!TE SNARE DRUM plugin.

Linearity and wider dynamic
Beats Basteln made a nice review of our plugin and discovered that the dynamic range of the plugin could be improved, having not enough “legroom” in the silent end. With a test normalizing a velocity sweep he pointed out that there is very little nonlinear sound coloration in the drum.

Triggering via selected MIDI Notes
The plugin now triggers on any MIDI note. We are considering changing this, so that the user can select one normal and one accent (rimshot) Note. General MIDI Standard would be 38 (D2) Snare Drum 1 and 40 (E2) Snare Drum 2 (Accent/Rimshot).

The VST3SDK has in-built toolips when mouse hovering over parameters. However, they show up too late and they don’t work cross platform (not implemented on Linux).
It would be nice to have one line of help text at the bottom of the plugin to show our custom verbose tooltip explaining the parameters. Maybe with the option to switch it off.