EXC!TE CYMBAL and SNARE as eurorack modules

I stumbled upon your VSTs recently. I really like them, and it definitely makes working in Bitwig more fun.

I am wondering if you ever have plans to port both VSTs as eurorack modules, and would this be feasible? Could the code be used with something like the Electrosmith Daisy Patch Programmable Eurorack Module? I tend to work more with eurorack live, and would be interested to know if this could be a future option.

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Hi Jas!
Thanks for getting in touch and glad you like our plugins! Yes. We do want to bring these ideas to eurorack. We’re working on a module with a fully analogue signal path which has the same rotational mixer with allpass filters at its core. It will be the first analogue waveguide module.

We presented a prototype 2 years ago and are continuing to work on it. It will be released eventually but it’s going to be an expensive module. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1zntN_PTqE&t=1s

Hi Max,

Thanx for getting in touch so quickly. My other thought was a standalone hardware VST player to run your VSTs live. What I found was SM Pro Audio V-Machine which has a very archaic interface. I think at this point, setting up one of my laptops to run CYMBAL and SNARE is a better option. Still thinking about more portable ways to trigger VSTs like yours with something smaller than a laptop.